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That’s Not Something That Happens Every Day #9

February 11, 2022

Clipart of girl sleepingLast night was the first night I actually slept for eight hours in…oh…probably a month. It was in two separate stretches, but I’ll take what I can get.

Some of you know that my thyroid likes to throw a little party once in a while and send me into “hyperdrive.” It’s exhausting.

(Well-meaning) people always tell me, “You really need to get some more sleep.” No kidding.

Would if I could. That’s like telling a drug addict wired up on PCP, “Here, drink this cup of chamomile tea, and calm down, would ya?”

This episode has been dragging on forever. It didn’t help that every morning at 4:00—like clockwork—for about two weeks, I would wake up and have some phrase, a few notes, a passage from my latest composition nudge me awake. Nudge? More like bolt me upright.

Usually, I can get myself out of these episodes, but this time, I had to consult my naturopath. My first words upon entering her office were, “Fix me.”

She adjusted some of the supplements I’m taking and told me to take time every day to calm down. Literally calm myself down. Instead of doing this:

“Okay I gotta remember to get that book for that piano student and I forgot to order those candles for my friend like I said I would and oh yeah have I actually finished that cello part for the song that’s being recorded February 26 because I talked to that really nice lady at church and she is 100 percent in for recording but you gotta have something for her to record songwriter and oh yeah I can’t forget that I told that other friend she could come over and hang out this week hope I didn’t double-book or even triple-book at this point and I still need to make arrangements for Nashville and oh yeah this would be a great song for the concert I’m doing this spring and man I need to need to need to……I need to get a grip.” 😂

About Marie de Haan

Marie is a gifted pianist, playing since the age of nine. As a teenager, she composed mainly instrumental piano music. She released her powerful debut single, “I Am Broken,” on October 22, 2020, a song whose creation drew heavily upon the trauma she endured as a victim of childhood sexual abuse. Marie held a benefit concert on September 10, 2021, in Skagit County. A portion of the proceeds went to CrossRoads Youth Ranch; this local organization—through equine therapy—empowers “at-risk and sexually exploited youth to heal, grow, and thrive.” She has continued to write music: Christian, folk, and country. Marie loves hiking, gardening, and photography. The Pacific Northwest—where she lives with her husband—is the backdrop for her favorite activities.