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Sick Sense of Humor

November 8, 2023

Ken and I will be the first to admit it: we enjoy a sick sense of humor as portrayed here in the conversation we just had five minutes ago:

Me: “Well, I’m making headway on my blog. I’m finally catching it up for the three people that are going to read it when I’m dead.”

Ken: “Good job.”

Me: “Promise me you’ll read my blog when I’m dead, so I know all this work I’m doing isn’t in vain.”

Ken: “Mer, I will sit on the couch and read your blog and cry.”

About Marie de Haan

Marie is a gifted pianist, playing since the age of nine. As a teenager, she composed mainly instrumental piano music. She released her powerful debut single, “I Am Broken,” on October 22, 2020, a song whose creation drew heavily upon the trauma she endured as a victim of childhood sexual abuse. Marie held a benefit concert on September 10, 2021, in Skagit County. A portion of the proceeds went to CrossRoads Youth Ranch; this local organization—through equine therapy—empowers “at-risk and sexually exploited youth to heal, grow, and thrive.” She has continued to write music: Christian, folk, and country. Marie loves hiking, gardening, and photography. The Pacific Northwest—where she lives with her husband—is the backdrop for her favorite activities.