About Marie de Haan

Marie is a gifted pianist, playing since the age of nine. As a teenager, she composed mainly instrumental piano music.

She released her powerful debut single, “I Am Broken,” on October 22, 2020, a song whose creation drew heavily upon the trauma she endured as a victim of childhood sexual abuse.

Marie held a benefit concert on September 10, 2021, in Skagit County. A portion of the proceeds went to CrossRoads Youth Ranch; this local organization—through equine therapy—empowers “at-risk and sexually exploited youth to heal, grow, and thrive.”

“A Story of Reclamation,” an EP which includes her first six songs, was released on November 19, 2021.

On May 15, 2022, Marie premiered “Rely On Me” at her church and gave a short testimony. This song released on July 8, 2022.

Her newest song, “I Wear Your Crown, came out on September 2, 2022.

Marie loves hiking, gardening, and photography. The Pacific Northwest—where she lives with her husband—is the backdrop for her favorite activities.

Marie de Haan
Marie de Haan sitting alone in a field
Marie de Haan standing near a tree in a field
Marie de Haan standing in a field


I'll Carry You
Coming Thanksgiving Day



At church this morning, the praise band played "Forever Changed."
It's a surreal thing to be in the congregation and sing along to something I created (along with @dallas_jack and @alinicolemunoz).

It's not like we haven't done this particular song before in church, because we have. It's just the first time I wasn't either up on "stage" playing along or out of town.
Three measures in, I almost started sobbing--shocker, I know 😂--but somehow, I managed to keep my wits about me.

Not only that, I sang my little heart out and had a blast watching the congregation singing, clapping, and dancing along.
Two years ago, when this crazy ride started, the husband and I toured the Ryman.
I knew nothing beforehand about this incredible building built in 1892. I only knew it had been mentioned a couple times in the show "Nashville." 😉

It was an eerie and yet comforting feeling to walk onto that stage and imagine all the musicians who have stood in that same spot, dating all the way back to the late 1800s.

I admit, I was even more starstruck as I entered the backstage dressing rooms.

Walked another mile on our vacation, except this time it was through some alpine gardens.

Much cooler, with no noodles and vegetables at the end. 😏

We walked 1.2 miles in 83-degree weather to go to the Quick Wok.
Not exactly a quick walk. 😏

Good thing it was delicious. 😂
Well, that’s gotta be a first. I went to Winthrop and did NOT get ice cream.
I’ve been coming to this place for over forty years, people. Can we just take note of how amazing that is?! 😏
Last week, I went on another road trip.

That’s two of them in one month. I am one lucky ducky.

All of these great memories are popping up in my Facebook feed lately.

"Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway."

Did I want to be in that official music video? Nope.
Did I want to pour out my guts in those songs? Nope.
Did I want to do a concert? Nope.

But, I did all of those things anyway: some of them twice, some of them eleven times. 😉

Now that I'm writing country songs, I wonder if I should buy a cowboy hat and/or boots. Ride a horse? Yeah, that's gonna have to be a hard pass because they terrify me.

It was two years ago today that I sat in this Nashville studio to record "I Am Broken." I told the producer that it was a one-off. 😂

Eleven songs, one music video, six lyric videos, one EP, and two concerts later, it feels like a lifetime since I sat there bawling my head off as @recordonenashville took my song and turned it into something magical.

Road trip!
How does this girl celebrate the release of her single?

-Red Robin french fries 
-Jelly Bellies

I am a party animal. 😂

We may or may not have driven a whole hour to satisfy my month-long hankering for tin roof sundae ice cream. 😏

My new single comes out next Friday. Woot woot!

I don't think I've ever done as much singing/playing music as I have this past month.
Here I am in this picture showing one of my new songs to some good friends. We are in my car, pretending that this song is already on the radio. 😉

And all I can say is, it's a good thing that the husband is sleeping on the other end of the house right now. It's almost 1 o'clock in the morning, and the music is blaring. I'm pounding away on the piano to the country-song master I received on Friday, and singing my little heart out. 😂

She loves flowers.
I love flowers.
She loves me.
I love her.

That is all. 😁

That awesome moment--albeit at 4:00 in the morning--when you finally, finally, finally come up with those words (to wrap up your chorus to that new song you're working on) that have been eluding you for weeks. 🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️



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