About Marie de Haan

Marie is a gifted pianist, playing since the age of nine. As a teenager, she composed mainly instrumental piano music.

She released her powerful debut single, “I Am Broken,” on October 22, 2020, a song whose creation drew heavily upon the trauma she endured as a victim of childhood sexual abuse.

Marie held a benefit concert on September 10, 2021, in Skagit County. A portion of the proceeds went to CrossRoads Youth Ranch; this local organization—through equine therapy—empowers “at-risk and sexually exploited youth to heal, grow, and thrive.”

“A Story of Reclamation,” an EP which includes her first six songs, was released on November 19, 2021.

On May 15, 2022, Marie premiered “Rely On Me” at her local church and gave a short testimony. This song released on July 8, 2022.

Her newest song, “I Wear Your Crown,” will be available on September 2, 2022.

Marie loves hiking, gardening, and photography. The Pacific Northwest—where she lives with her husband—is the backdrop for her favorite activities.

Marie de Haan
Marie de Haan sitting alone in a field
Marie de Haan standing near a tree in a field
Marie de Haan standing in a field


Rely On Me
Coming September 2, 2022!



I don't think I've ever done as much singing/playing music as I have this past month.
Here I am in this picture showing one of my new songs to some good friends. We are in my car, pretending that this song is already on the radio. 😉

And all I can say is, it's a good thing that the husband is sleeping on the other end of the house right now. It's almost 1 o'clock in the morning, and the music is blaring. I'm pounding away on the piano to the country-song master I received on Friday, and singing my little heart out. 😂

She loves flowers.
I love flowers.
She loves me.
I love her.

That is all. 😁

That awesome moment--albeit at 4:00 in the morning--when you finally, finally, finally come up with those words (to wrap up your chorus to that new song you're working on) that have been eluding you for weeks. 🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️

As you know, I recently went on a road trip with a friend to Leavenworth.

We walked into one of the stores there and I saw this hat. I immediately walked over to it. I loved that simple word on it. Then, I spent 20-30 minutes hemming and hawing over that silly thing:

"Ken is always trying to get me to wear a hat when I'm gardening. Been telling me that for years. Thinks I'll get skin cancer if I don't."

More hemming and hawing:
"Yeah, but I'll get too hot. Hmmm, it's $35. You've spent so much money in Nashville lately—five songs at your last recording session, remember?—so you can't afford this hat."

As you can see, I bought the hat. And I've worn it every day since (while I'm out gardening among my countless hydrangeas and all the other pretty flowers), very conscious of how truly blessed I am.

Just when I think my day can't get any better--found the perfect red-barn picture to use for one of my album covers--it does.

I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for the fifth and final master of a song I recorded in Nashville back in May, not because my producer doesn't know what he's doing, but because he was being particular about it. (Patience is not really my thing...can you tell? 😂)

This is the song I worked on till midnight the night before I hopped on that airplane, second-guessing myself the whole way since country music is not my usual genre.

I am beside myself with joy. Now, I gotta go listen to some music. Happy weekend, y'all.

For one of my country songs (that will be out later this fall), I would like to use a local, pretty red barn for the album cover.

Yesterday, I took a bunch of pictures of this barn (after getting permission from a really nice lady named Debbie who thought I was the Amazon delivery guy at first and couldn't figure out why there was no package on her front porch 😂), but like my husband said when I showed him the 50 or so pictures I took from all angles, "That's a shed." 😉

I also have a message in to one of my cowboy friends, but thought I'd put this out there. Thanks, y'all.
It's great to have a group of people that you can text last minute and say, "Hey, birthday party for the husband tomorrow night. You in?" and they come right on over.

In my spare time from aspen-hunting, catkin-hunting, piano teaching, songwriting, housecleaning, and general duties of life, I've been horsetail-hunting as well. (I won't even mention the hundreds of little starts of blackberry bushes I have coming up all over the yard.)

Again, this isn't even our property, but as I like to tell the husband, I just like to "make things pretty." 😁

Last year, I did a lot of aspen-hunting. What does this mean? This means digging through the dirt for hours and hours on end looking for all the little suckers that show up when you and your well-intentioned husband plant three aspen trees in a flower bed.

Don't ever plant aspens, people. They're beautiful trees, I admit, but unless you have about 20 acres that you don't care about, don't plant them. Google it. "Invasive." "Pando." These are words you will come across.

Well, as you know, I went to Nashville back in May and recorded five new songs. I'm supposed to be working on album covers and uploading things to YouTube and figuring out what I want my official lyric videos to look like.
What am I doing instead?

Catkin-hunting. We have three huge cottonwood trees on the edge of our property (technically, they are not even our trees), and for three days in a row, I got up at 5 o'clock in the morning and hunted those seed pods down before we end up with 50 more cottonwood trees. 😂

Anyone know what kind of plant this is?

The tag listed all three of these:

A. Jupiter's Beard
B. Red Valerian
C. Centranthus 'Coccineus'

I know it's not Red Valerian, because I've had that before.

The best part of the tag? The yellow sticker declaring it to be "$1.00." 😂

How does one celebrate the release of a new song?

By taking the singer to Red Robin, playing games in the middle of the day, buying 26 zinnias at Fred Meyer, sharing a box of Milk Duds, and taking way too many silly pictures. Duh. 😂

A few of you have privately texted me asking how you get my latest release "Rely On Me" on Spotify.

A. I do not use Spotify. I buy songs via iTunes and watch YouTube videos, especially official lyric videos, incessantly. Just how I roll.

B. I just got a notice from Spotify this afternoon at 2:21 p.m. saying that my song is now live. Maybe that's why people are having trouble.

What can I say? I write the songs, I coordinate the singers and the instrumentalists, and I fly to Nashville all the time and spend exorbitant amounts of money to get these songs produced. 😂

Me and technology? Meh.

Have a great weekend, y'all. 🎵🎶🎵

Because one should always take time (during an exhausting day of shopping) to stop and smell the roses. 😏

Had a blast in Leavenworth a few weeks ago with a close friend.

We went shopping downtown; discovered an incredible watercolor artist in the square; lugged a heavy box of 12 bottles of my favorite salad dressing all over town; introduced Bobby to the best antique store on the planet; got free Aplets & Cotlets at the flagship store from a really nice man who let us in 37 minutes after they were closed; played Skip-Bo, Play Nine, and Bill’s Game back at the condo because we are party animals 😏; and generally had a few great days of shenanigans.

Went to Winthrop a few weeks ago with a friend. Along the way, we found: 

Maple nut ice cream: rare
Lucky bear socks: rare
Yellow columbine: rare

Also rare? A friend you can go on an 8-hour road trip with where there’s a) lots of laughing, b) some serious conversations, and c) never an awkward moment of silence.

I am one lucky ducky. 



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