About Marie de Haan

Marie is an accomplished writer, songwriter, and speaker.

She has written two memoirs in a series entitled Cancer Is A Funny Thing. The books—in addition to a cancer blog—relate how Marie endured a devastating diagnosis of breast cancer with her characteristic grace and humor.

Marie is a gifted pianist, playing since the age of nine. She is currently a member of her local church’s praise band. She released her powerful debut single, “I Am Broken,” on October 22, 2020, a song whose creation drew heavily upon the trauma she endured as a victim of childhood sexual abuse.

Marie loves hiking, gardening, and photography. The Pacific Northwest—where she lives with her husband Ken—is the backdrop for her favorite activities.

Marie de Haan
Marie de Haan sitting alone in a field
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Marie de Haan standing in a field


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I Am Broken

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I booked an impromptu recording session and am tracking my first co-write as we speak. 

I’m improvising with NO MUSIC...so out of the box for me.

Then again, everyone in the studio is rocking out right now so we’re doing something right. 😁

That moment when you have had a smile perpetually plastered on your face for so many days that you hope it returns to normal. 🤣
Doing a little backup singing in the recording studio. Eek, this is so much fun!
I had my own assistant during last night’s co-write: 

Me: “So, Harlan, do you think we should do an instrumental bridge?”

Harlan: “Woof.”

Did another co-write last night. And yes, we wrote a happy song. 
Just finished a tour of the Jack Daniel Distillery, which included six samples of whiskey. (If you know me at all, you know I don’t normally drink.)

We are now headed to a co-write. My lips are still a bit numb and I’m a tad giggly. Methinks there is another happy song in my future. 🤣
Thirty-one years of marriage with this guy and it just keeps getting better. Celebrating in Nashville with a few more music recordings. Thanks for everything, Ken. Can we come back here soon, like really, really soon.... uh, I mean I love you. ❤️😉
Looking forward to doing some more projects with this great singer I met in Nashville. #songwriter
Hired this cutie-patootie to sing on my latest project. Amazing voice and she also plays the violin. #songwriter
Flew into Nashville Sunday afternoon (for the third time in eight months). Didn’t feel like wearing masks for five hours straight, so non-stop eating it was. #kidding
Yesterday, I walked around the Belmont University’s campus in the snow.

I used to be envious of people that got to go to college. I didn’t have the money for that.

I don’t have those feelings anymore. I married a great guy, have three amazing children, fulfilled my lifelong dream of writing a book (actually wrote two), and have been privileged to indulge my love of music through a) playing for church, b) giving piano lessons, and c) songwriting which landed me in Nashville. ♥️

Did my first cowrite today. There were three of us in the room and we wrote a song. One hour, people, that’s all it took. It was incredible.

My big fear going in was that I was going to sit there like a bump on a log and not contribute in any way. But I did.

An artist has already put a hold on it. Woot woot!

Finished the final touches on both songs today. Next, the producer will work on the masters. 

Meanwhile, it has been snowing off and on here. Maybe I’ll get stuck here in Nashville.

Yesterday, our 8-hour session turned into a 12-hour session...that’s how much fun we were having.

I’ve got my music and my good-luck socks. What more do I need out of life? 

I was in the recording studio all day today and it was awesome, y’all. 🎵🎶🎵



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